India is worst nation for women & you’re responsible!

‘It is because BJP is in power and PM Modi is a guardian of patriarchy’ the blame game began soon after the Thomson Reuters released its survey on the most dangerous nations in the world. More than 548 experts voted that India is the world’s most dangerous country for women; more dangerous than Syria, Afghanistan, and even Saudi Arabia, where women were given the right to drive just this week.

Let’s first talk about how Reuters decided that India is the most dangerous country for women based on an ’email and telephonic’ poll by 548 experts. The survey included 193 nations, that means an average of 2-3 people from each country participated in the poll (if we go on to consider that people from all the nations were included). So 2-3 people from a country with a population of more than one billion claimed that India is not a safe place for women – which is partly true – but if we include the nations like Afghanistan and Syria – where more than half girls and women were turned into sex slaves, then this becomes questionable.

Night streets

But the undeniable fact is though India might not be worse than other misogynist nations, it is definitely not a safe place for women. So who’s responsible for making it a dangerous place for women?


Yes, that’s a straight, naked and spitting answer.

Each one of us who bowed down to societal pressures, who with unwavering loyalty follow the societal norms, who consider women to be weak, who consider women to be an object of desire, movies that show women as props for heroes, movies who make sex and sexualization fo women are their selling points, filmmakers who snigger at the thought of making women-centric movies, audience who with shameless lechery clap when heroes stalk and harass women in the name of love, audience who chant songs filled with demeaning and vulgar lyrics, every youngster who utters BC, MC swearwords, every kid who is made to believe that his sister is weak and needs looking after, every kid who is taught that his desires are more important than his sisters’, every girl who accepts that her role is to sacrifice her wishes, every girl who brushes off a guy teasing her instead of pulling him up, every girl who believes she is doing it for her parents when she decides to marry someone other than the one she loves, every girl who throws dirty glances at other girl who has been slut-shamed, every passerby who looks at a couple and decides they’re horny teens, every passerby who believes it is his right to stare at a girl, every passerby who imagines that a girl is asking for it just because she wore the dress of her choice, every father who assumes that a daughter can’t do what his son would’ve done, every father who looks at his daughter like a girl before looking at her like a human being with a capacity to turn this world around, every father who looks at his son first and not his daughter, every mother who having gone through same patriarchal injustice imposes the same on her daughter, every mother who conditions her daughter to accept her fate and aspire for anything, every mother who marries her daughter off without seeking her opinion, every mother who asks her daughter to adjust to ‘conditions’ after marriage, every single person who looks at a woman and pities. It’s pretty much each one of us!

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