India Earns With Way2News

Way2News, a Hyderabad-based hyperlocal news app which pioneered into the Indian markets four years back has championed itself by tapping into the interests of people. Known to be India’s number one short news app, Way2News has changed the lives of many with its new business initiatives. The journey leaped a billion heights from ‘ground zero’ despite the tides. The trailblazing idea has hooked over 50 thousands installations on a daily basis across eight languages – Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati and Marathi. 

With the internet spreading its wings to the corners of India, the short news app steered itself in localizing content with effective and unique fonts consecrated to each language. Few months back, the company has earmarked a new feature, helping its users ‘Earn With Way2News’, transforming lives of many. During this period, it recorded over 1,00,000 registrations and the era of ‘earn while your write’ short news had thus begun on this vernacular news platform.

Users across India can contribute to Way2News in eight languages, providing key developing content in multifarious categories – Politics, Education, Architecture, Administration and Infrastructure, Business, Entertainment, Gossip, Sports, Crime, Accidents, Science and Technology, Health, Current Topics, College Life and et al. This game-changing platform has made ‘quick and fair’ dissemination of information possible. 

Our citizen journalists have been tasting the grape wine for their contributions. On a daily basis, Way2News ‘User-generated Content’ receives a total of over 8,000-10,000 stories, of which more than 4000-5000 plus articles make it to the news app after ‘through’ check. This is a 50 percent publishing ratio. 

What Does A Reporter Get?

Interestingly, a reporter who signs up with Way2News will secure five coins per story published, while a senior reporter gets 10 credits. To make it to the senior reporter cat, a user has to make it to the 500-coin mark for countless benefits. As per our data, a number of reporters have earned over Rs 15,000 in a few weeks time, while the ‘highest redeemed’ stood at Rs 22,000. However, the week-end flow became a gordian knot & the company doubled its credit, wooing the reporters to write & earn more. Eventually, the engagement touched expected numbers. A reporter during the week-ends secures 10 coins, instead of five and a senior reporter earns 20 credits against 10. 

What and Why — Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a great way to approach creation because in any given point there’s always somebody on the Internet who knows something better than you do. — Guy Kawasaki.

In Way2News, users get to write and share videos of a particular event. The core vision of the company is to localise content, bringing the latest news developments from your region in your own language. Currently, the new platform has attracted people from various streams – students, homemakers, working professionals, journalists and etc. The professionals in the company tossed an idea and have successfully impacted the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

The user-oriented business is on the rise and Way2News is constantly keeping up with the changing trends of its audience in this fast-paced and digitally-run world. Why does a user contribute? A user, especially in Way2News picked up love for writing to highlight their local needs, issues and grievances. This apart, keeping their region alive and active by disseminating news developments thus became the chief motive.  

Majesty In Breaking Local News

Interestingly, with the backing from users from the very corners of the country, Way2News has taken the rulership of breaking stories way prior to top media houses and its short news app competitors. Stringers, reporters, freelance and working journalists, and especially students have been running the show successfully with 100 percent accuracy. From international to national to state, and from the state-level, Way2News has been successful in gaining ground in districts, tehsils, talukas, sub-divisions, mandals, circles and village clusters. Keeping a side the news stories, a reporter can also send/share videos on the platform. A user can bag 20 points for each video that matches with the norms of the company.   

The BIG Picture

The user-generated content in Way2News has witnessed several challenges in the last few weeks but despite the tide, the company addressed the issues on a pilot-basis to strengthen its base in providing factual content. However, the company is planning to convert the ‘Story Publish Ratio’ to 100 per cent against the present 50 percent. Half of the stories/content get rejected due to lack of authenticity or following plagiarism. The teams across eight languages contact the reporters, encouraging them to write clear-cut and fair content. To kit this, the strategy team has been working on identifying more creative content to keep the business growing & deliver worthy content to its audience. In all, this is a one-stop destination for scooping news. Most reporters or senior reporters limited their reach to a couple of ‘beats’, flooding the platform with political and crime developments, birthing another challenge to address. Steps are being initiated to come up with a solution to push the users to write stories, covering various categories. 

Become A Brand Ambassador

Way2News gives its users or reporters a chance to become a Brand Ambassador. Firstly, a reporter who is associated with the company will he hand picked as the Brand Ambassador of a particular district. Secondly, she/he will be asked to cover a particular district and will be given a few mandals to complete the assignment on a daily basis. The number of Brand Ambassadors can go up for a district, based on its prominence. Finally, the company aims to expand its reach to all parts across the country to make a lasting impact. 

Making A Difference – Ahead Of Our Competitors 

Way2News has made a huge impact in the lives of many with the launch of its new ‘crowdsourcing platform’. Through this platform, several students from the Tier-2 and Tier 3 cities received their first pay cheque. During this journey, a young reporter who is presently preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in Hyderabad shared his heart-touching story. “When I received my  first pay cheque, I was overflowing with joy. It might have been just Rs 500 but that birthed in me confidence to write more. I have made over Rs 7,000 in just a few weeks through my contribution. It has helped me buy books for my exams. This doesn’t end here, I encouraged my friends to also write and earn with Way2News. Around seven to eight people have now signed up and are earning a decent amount per month,” said Krishna in conversation with Way2News team. 

We are far ahead… Way2News is still standing strong despite the odds. With the passing days, several competitors stepped into the Indian markets, following what exactly we were and are executing, but the company took the ‘owl wings’, flying new heights over its competitors. We took over top apps, including Inshorts, News Dog, Lokal, and et al. Interestingly, we have also  become the first application in the country to publish 8000-10000 crowdsourced articles on a daily basis, taking over TikTok’s ratio in this segment. 

News Desi Andaz Mein

It was way back in August 4th, 2015, Way2Online, the parent company of Way2SMS following downfall in SMS business pushed itself in launching Way2News – a local ‘languages’ news app.  The reinvention opened the doors for the company to step into the Indian markets, targeting eight ‘high demand’ languages in India. Thanks to Raju Vanapala, the Founder and CEO of Way2Online Interactive Media Ltd. for creating a free app, bringing short summarized nuggets of news in local languages. The journey of Way2News began with a workforce of thirteen people but now it has proudly more than half a thousand employees working round the clock. Not limiting itself to a few sections, Way2News has spread its wings across India – the land of diversity, providing short news in Desi Flavor. 

Don’t you think life has become more faster comparatively? Indeed it did. To keep our audience and the rest of India updated about the latest developments, the company has taken keen interests on the masses in attracting them to the short format and vernacular content of news. Very soon, the company is in plans to introduce a couple of more languages on its platform – The Happy Flipping Experience. 

In 2018, branding campaigns were initiated throughout the country via theatre ads and TV commercials, also targeting the masses in different languages. Conducting surveys, organising polls, contests and etc were the other major steps the company had taken. 

New-ish ‘My City’ Feature 

Way2News on its application has a special category or feature dedicated exclusively for local content. The users can click on the ‘My City’ cat found on the ‘top slider’ of the news app & use the search option to get news falling under their respective region. The beautiful flip-through experience has been getting better and better ever since its inception. Interestingly, most of the users on Way2News are from the non-urban areas. Telugu rules the roost, followed by Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada and Gujarati. 

The Journey From Zero To Infinity

Way2News over the last four years, has emerged to be one of the most read and installed news applications, including the short news app segment. The company has recorded a significant rise and has over 20 million downloads till date. The journey has been challenging. Thanks to the loyal team and audience. The milestone says it all. Way2News is a go-to destination for local language content in India. Very soon, you will find Way2News on all your social media platforms. 

The Impact & Celebrity Touch

Way2News, with the launch of crowdsourcing has made a very big footprint in the country. Our loyal reporters used this platform to voice the concerns of people from various regions, eventually pushing the officials to act on the issue. Nearly hundred of such cases were reported in the last few weeks and have been successfully addressed. Users took to social media, sharing the screenshot of the news story in large numbers till it reached the concerned officials. Interesting right? We call this ‘The Impact’. Apart from this, Way2News has been conducting video interviews, featuring celebrities from the sports and entertainment industry. Especially, politicians from the Telugu States – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were a part of the new initiative. 

Your Ultimate Guide

If you are an existing or a new user and want to contribute to Way2News, please make sure that you download the app on Google Playstore or App Store. For all the users who already have the app, tap on the screen for a pop up. Click on the post option (bottom) to proceed further. Register yourself by providing your mail and contact details. Once registered you become a reporter for Way2News. In order to become a Senior Reporter, you have to reach the total earnings of 500 coins. Now, to start contributing, click ‘My Stream’ option and then use ‘Write Your First Post’ option to get started. In the ‘What Is Happening?’ section, use Post News to go to the ‘Write Your Story’ page. Give a headline, write the desired story, upload an image and finally don’t forget to submit it. The story once submitted will be rechecked by our ‘experienced editors’ prior to the publishing. ‘Strictly No Plagiarism’. 

How much does a reporter earn?

As mentioned, a reporter usually earns five coins per article published be it in any language. Once, her/his target reaches the 500-coin mark, they directly fall into the ‘Senior Reporter’ category. Once you cross the 500-coin mark or become a Senior Reporter, you will get double the credits for one article published. In case you missed reading the above article in detail, let me tell you, several reporters/users have so far earned more than Rs 20,000 in few weeks time, many of them are students. Why don’t you try your hands? You can write on topics —  Politics, Education, Architecture, Administration and Infrastructure, Business, Entertainment, Gossip, Sports, Crime, Accidents, Science and Technology, Health, Current Topics, College Life and etc.

How can you redeem your coins?

A user who registers with Way2News for story contribution, gets 100 coins for signing up. When he/she reaches their first target of 500 coins can start redeeming their coins. After this, for every thousand coins earned, you can start redeeming your credits. Way2News, on your choice will send the money either via Paytm or will transfer the money to your bank account. We so far have over one lakh people who registered with us.

What are you waiting for? India is earning with Way2News. Register yourself today!!! 

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