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Hi Everyone. 

We are just a few days away from bidding goodbye to 2019. As the new year approaches, we are rest assured that there is always so much in store for us. Without you, the journey would not have been possible. But we have a lot to share about what has happened this year. If we look back at the experiences and connections we made, we say, ‘Our Heart Is Full.’ Everyday, we know we are reaching for the stars. We take this time to share the progress we made so far – Sharing Stories – Changing Lives in 2019. 

The Launch Of Citizen Journalism

We at Way2News, hard a strong feeling that citizen journalism will make a huge impact in the society. It has the potential to revolutionize things. Youngsters in India, from the beginning have been at the forefront of popular resistance against governments and other major existing challenges in the society. They are the ones talking about economic collapse, repression, increasing unemployment rate and environmental destruction. The launch of citizen journalism birthed new hope for people to report incidents – mostly ignored by the authorities. 

It is a right of every individual to live a dignified life and in order to support this notion, we have included a new platform in the app, where users can register themselves and contribute stories happening around them by writing short stories, sharing photos and videos with our team. 

To our surprise, within just six months we received 1 lakh plus registrations with more than 16,000 people contributing stories on a daily basis. 

Prior to launching citizen journalism, we felt there was a lot happening at the local community. The mainstream media were simply not giving heed to their ongoing challenges. We took a bold stand to address that lacuna. Apart from we searching and publishing about the developments taking place in the hyperlocal communities, we also gave them a platform to inform what is happening in their surroundings. ‘You See Something, You Say Something.’ 

Over these last few months, Way2News has given a voice to the people of India and made it easy to express their problems. Authorities who lazed around neglecting their complaints, swung into action after stories went viral via this platform. We have thousands of ‘Way2News Impact’ stories that truly changed the life of people in their respective local communities. 

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India Earns With Way2News

Citizens journalists who register with Way2News not only write, post photos or videos but also have credits for every story published. We have thousands of stories to share. Most of them, especially students received between Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 a month for their contributions.  

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WayNews Attains 4 Billion Screen Views

Way2News, added another feather to its cap when it 4 billion screen views. Across all eight languages, the engagement is reaching new scales. This wouldn’t be possible without your support and love over these years. Currently, the app has more than 20 million downloads with two million users active on a daily basis. 

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Exclusive Category For Job Notifications 

In October, this year Way2News has launched a new category for ‘Jobs’ to encourage people all over India to apply directly for employment opportunities offered by the public and private sector, including government notifications. The main aim is to inform everyone about the latest vacancies in select professions across India and in their respective regions. 

During our trial run in October, more than 2000 jobless youth were placed in various companies. 

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Hey!!! We Are On Social Media

This year, in September, Way2News was back with a bang on its social media channels like – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We are also on TikTok. The social media channels are news-free and have a lot of viral and creative content. See you there.

Before we conclude, we are thankful for the support and we encourage you to show us some love everyday. We have a lot coming, till then, Keep Flipping. 

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  1. The Way to News application changed my life drastically. Today, I am working as a senior reporter for Nanded. I have chosen this reporter position as a part time job. From that I learned many essential things. New friends become family. He is paying close attention to current affairs, politics, sports, science, the problems of the citizens. I am trying to put it before the administration of the community. The plan is to thank you again and thank you.

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