How is Way2News Changing the Rural Landscape?

Way2News Rural Landscape

India, as a country has undoubtedly come a long way and grown by leaps and bounds. We often talk about the remarkable growth India has seen since independence, the peak of success we enjoy, and so on. But the story of real India is upside down. 

The real India, where the true India resides is Rural and even today in the times of technology the story of rural is still unheard, left out, and lost in the crowd. 

The Unheard Plea of 89 Crore of People

Yes, rural India is a living land for 69% of the Indian population, which is roughly 89 crores of people in numbers. The huge majority of the population in rural India is still struggling to attain basic amenities, striving for lower wages, and suffering from hazardous diseases to pursue survival. 

This constant fight of a villager to make both ends meet for their survival wouldn’t get a blink of an eye attention. 

The Media failed to reach the Real India

Media corporations and local readers often neglect the woes of villagers. And, this is due to multiple factors like limited availability of resources for media and print companies, economic viability, and the additional expense of establishing media firms in the deepest parts of rural areas. 

Digitization lit the Flame of Hope for Rural India

But the Indian digitization era was a game-changer. It has opened access to smartphones and the internet, enabling villagers to consume content in their language. This transformation penetrates a massive space for vernacular news apps such as Way2News to provide local news in a customized way in native languages.

We, through our Way2News, became a platform for local voices where every voice is heard loud and clear. We empowered rural communities to unite, create and generate content that brings attention to their struggles and successes.

The Change has made its way to Rural India

Rural India’s growth is stagnated and progress is hard to spot. To cover the news from rural India in such extreme conditions was no less than beating around the bush. 

But in the remarkable words of Geraldo Rivera ‘Courage in journalism is sticking up to the unpopular, not the popular’ and this is what kept us going. Our fearless journalists assembled across the different parts of rural India, ready to experience and cover the real India. 

The authentic news was getting enough coverage by our journalists and rural India got access to exclusive news in their language.

Further, this execution turned out to be revolutionary and our hyperlocal news destination platform Way2News became an instant hit among the masses.

Today, our vernacular news platform serves short news based on the selected location in 8 different languages. Going forward, the higher consumption demanded the news from the tightest spots of rural, and keeping up with the reach became difficult. 

But technology knows no bounds and so do we. We introduced the user turning into a reporter feature on our app. A user can report live news from anywhere.

The feature sky-rocketed the number of stories, and with every passing month, the number of stories we receive from rural India increased by 10x. 

Today, on average, We publish 12,000 stories per day ensuring we bring the latest and unique news and address every concern from rural India. In the cases where users are unable to read the news in their native language, video format has been introduced too.

Our extensive network of 50,000+ journalists and citizen reporters across the country update content from the rural parts of India and are actively contributing every month. We receive over 2000 unpublished stories every day. We cover the news from half of the districts of the country. In the southern states, 80% of Mandal-level news is covered, that is almost 900 Mandals, and every piece of news goes through a solid AI-based mechanism of fact-checking.

Within a short time, we changed the statistics of news consumption in rural areas from 13% to 39% becoming the most visited hyper-local vernacular news application providing genuinely unique content extracted from the deepest parts of rural India.

We at Way2News, aggregate breaking news from all over the country by empowering common citizens to become ‘informed’ and play an active role in civic issues.

Rural India came together as a reckoning force and initiated to raise awareness about the plights of rural and give their struggles a voice. We build a platform that provides enough visibility to the extreme rural conditions, ensuring the government takes the required steps to solve the problems. 

Now, rural India can highlight their issues, bring them to focus, and get the attention they deserve by uncovering a whole new world for rural India where rural ignorance was not an option. People of rural India are not only forcing the world to pay attention to their woes but also displaying the endless potential they hold to work for the country’s development. 

There are plenty of examples where rural issues have been addressed and solved after our vernacular news platform penetrated its way into the rural parts of India, such as improving the conditions of government schools, on-time FIR registration, clearing the dump, and cleanliness maintenance on roads and our hyper-local and vernacular news platform has now become a platform for implementing conceptual changes for the growth of rural India.  

A change can’t be achieved overnight, to make societies accept and normalize certain beliefs is no less than a nightmare. One has to go through a plethora of adversity and struggles and has to have an unbreakable spine to speak and put forth the truth. Our vision as a news platform is not only to cover news but to bring a wave of change in society where equality and hope flourishes.

Rural India is empowered and ready to contribute to the nation

The true India comes from rural and it has the great potential to contribute to the growth of our nation. But to empower rural India to make exceptional contributions, we need to ensure that the voice of the rural should be highlighted and addressed. A few consistent measures can make a massive difference and we can build a new world for rural people where no plea is unheard, where rural India sees promising growth in the future

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