Way2News: A Podium For Citizen Journalism.

Journalism these days is constantly struggling with the confidence of the audience, the distrust owing multiple media houses being rooted out as playhouses for various clientele varying from politicians to multinational corporations. However, to retain a positive reputation, change is required, and it also a demand of the media consumers. Mostly, these changes are imposed … Read more

Way2News helps 2000 youth find jobs while India recorded its highest unemployment rate.

Finding a job

In the month of October, this year, India recorded its highest unemployment rate, compared to the last three years. The unemployment rate jumped to 8.5 percent, the data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) revealed. This was the highest since August 2016. During this phase, Way2News, a Hyperlocal Short News App despite this news … Read more

Way2News attains 4 billion screen views.

Hyderabad-based Way2News reached yet another milestone. Recently, the short news app, known to be India’s No. 1 Hyperlocal News App bagged 4 billion screen views.  We take this opportunity to thank all our users for helping us achieve this feat. This wouldn’t be possible without your support and love over these years. Currently, the app … Read more

Kalaripayattu turns a rage in Hyderabad and environs.


One of the oldest martial-art forms in India, Kalaripayattu of Kerala, is picking up pace in the city with many taking up this rigorous form of art. Having heard of several benefits of practicing Kalari, Hyderabad is seeing a momentous increase in students of various age groups practicing Kalaripayattu. Several workshops, training camps, and performances … Read more

Rain Rain Go Away! For Real Please.


Spreading your arms open and letting your Surf Excel-ed clothes get drenched in drops of water being pulled by gravitational force from the clouds, as you swirl around feeling the freshness on your face, your favourite song playing in the background of your mind with its tune in sync with the raindrops splattering on the … Read more

Odds of being fair in India.

I’ve seen many Indians grin at the phrase ‘Tall, dark and handsome’, which is a popular connotation referring to a man as desired by women. But if you thought that dark here means the colour of the skin, you are an Indian man and you’re wrong. It turns out that the dark refers to dark-haired … Read more

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