Native Content + Premium Language Audience is Gold. How do Brands target and where?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to tap into the premium language audience base? How do brands thrive tapping into such a high-end consumer base? Attracting high-end clients doesn’t just happen. It has to be intentional. With the huge competition for this client base, businesses have to package themselves to become relentlessly noticeable. This particular … Read more

Good News About News

Good News

We’ve got some good news about news. We aren’t talking about the morning newspaper or the prime time report. That’s got old and that’s old news for us. We are talking about the latest news from across the world to your neighborhood. That’s much like travelling. A world tour, travelling to a new country. Languages … Read more

A Pivot To Success


Remember when we used to have a limit on how many text messages we could send our friends? Most of us tech-savvy Hyderabadis then had a cheat code to send unlimited SMSs through the internet before the era of Whatsapp. That was Way2SMS. It was a portal where you could send your message from your … Read more

Electric Two-Wheelers are not Safe: Way2News.

According to a recent survey by Way2News, India’s largest vernacular news app, 65% of respondents believe electric two-wheeler models are expensive, 57% believe two-wheelers are unsafe, and added that safety concerns might negatively impact EV sales in India. Survey Participants on Way2News APP In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, a survey was conducted last week among … Read more

The Voice Of Way2News.

He knows no boundaries. He’s humble and hardworking. Speak to him about life, he says you got to give your best everyday. No matter what you do, you should leave a footprint for the rest, says V. Naga Prudhvi Raju, the Voice of Way2News.  Prudhvi Raju hails from a small town in East Godavari of … Read more

That’s Way2News – Trustworthy.

It is with great pride, I address our family at Way2News.  Founded in 2015, Way2News has successfully gained the trust of millions of Indians in delivery of accurate and timely information across the country. Today, this continuity of success has long allowed the company to be India’s No.1 Short News App and the first in … Read more

Record spike in consumption of regional language content amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Regional language

As the spread of the novel coronavirus continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, people across the world, during this pandemic-induced social isolation, are consuming vast amounts of media. The consumption pattern of home-bound global audiences changed drastically over the last one month. During this period, the world has been craving for regional content in … Read more

Way2News App Subscription Up 60% In India.

Way2News, Hyperlocal Short News App, witnessed a ‘big surge’ in the overall growth charts. The news app,  in the last 30 days recorded over 60 per cent growth in its Daily Active Users (DAUs) in all eight languages — Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada and Malayalam. As it continues to bring trusted and … Read more

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