We searched ‘South India Core’ on Pinterest…

… and casually scrolled through the platform half-expecting the usual stereotypes to rear the heads. But what we found was a delightful stroll through pins and boards that not only defied expectations but also liquefied South Indian stereotypes with a generous dose of aesthetics.   (The ‘ #_core’ signals a trending theme, with examples like #clowncore … Read more

Are You Building a Brand or Just Generating Leads?

building a brand

Throughout the corridors of boardrooms and strategy meetings, it’s a common sight that the incessant chatter revolves around lead generation, conversion rates, and the relentless pursuit of immediate Return on Investment (ROI). It is a belief etched in the minds of marketers and decision-makers, a myth that reverberates with each click of a mouse and … Read more

POV: When you buy gold, you are not ‘spending’ money

Marriage, or childbirth, Dhanteras or Akshya Tritiya—no matter the occasion—we dare not celebrate it without gold, the go-to investment. From brides donning gleaming jewels on their special day to families passing down cherished heirlooms, Indians have an unbreakable bond with gold. Each piece carries precious memories and a sense of belonging. Wear it, gift it, … Read more

Marketing in South India: 6 Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

Sitting in your cozy office, sipping on your Frappuccino, and pondering whether to dip your marketing toes into South India, a tiny voice in your head screams,  “Don’t go South; it’s like marketing in the Twilight Zone.” There’s that fleeting moment of fear or perhaps just a twinge of disappointment, and then you snap back … Read more

Native Content + Premium Language Audience is Gold. How do Brands target and where?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to tap into the premium language audience base? How do brands thrive tapping into such a high-end consumer base? Attracting high-end clients doesn’t just happen. It has to be intentional. With the huge competition for this client base, businesses have to package themselves to become relentlessly noticeable. This particular … Read more

Why is it high time for advertisers to engage with a native-speaking audience?

Native advertising generates 3x more leads, and 9x better engagement at efficient investments said by brands. This shift is a win-win for both consumers and marketers. Native advertising is designed for brands who are determined to explore newer markets, and are always adaptable with their advertising strategies. Every brand can’t penetrate into such markets except … Read more

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