Why Indian brands should target Premium Language Speaking Audience

Language speaking audience

In the pursuit of growth and establishing a strong brand presence, Indian brands must prioritize targeting premium language-speaking audiences. These audiences, often associated with higher disposable incomes and aspirational lifestyles, represent a lucrative market segment that can significantly impact a brand’s success. By strategically engaging with this segment and tailoring marketing strategies to their language … Read more

Hyperlocal news is the future.

Hyperlocal News

You walk through the rural areas of India, you’ll know the challenges people face on a daily basis. We’ve hardly known any of them. The power of media is always being questioned as it can influence the key policy makers. Media can play a major role in highlighting these issues but unfortunately the mainstream players … Read more

Good News About News

Good News

We’ve got some good news about news. We aren’t talking about the morning newspaper or the prime time report. That’s got old and that’s old news for us. We are talking about the latest news from across the world to your neighborhood. That’s much like travelling. A world tour, travelling to a new country. Languages … Read more

A Pivot To Success


Remember when we used to have a limit on how many text messages we could send our friends? Most of us tech-savvy Hyderabadis then had a cheat code to send unlimited SMSs through the internet before the era of Whatsapp. That was Way2SMS. It was a portal where you could send your message from your … Read more

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