Short News + Short Videos = Way2News.

Are you spending way too much time scrolling/flipping through your smartphone? Not knowing what to read, watch or be productive? In case you are searching for news, jobs or want to live a healthy lifestyle or learn how to be productive in your life, there’s an app for that. These days, looking for news that … Read more

The rise of citizen journalism in India, Way2News gives power to People.

Citizen journalism

In a digital world driven by new technologies, social platforms and large scale media outlets, citizens with a basic smartphone took the ownership of reporting events from their respective regions. Why? It is a fact that journalists can’t go everywhere and report everything that is taking place. Lack of reporters in the mainstream media is … Read more

Hyperlocal news is the future.

Hyperlocal News

You walk through the rural areas of India, you’ll know the challenges people face on a daily basis. We’ve hardly known any of them. The power of media is always being questioned as it can influence the key policy makers. Media can play a major role in highlighting these issues but unfortunately the mainstream players … Read more

Way2News published 1 million ‘Hyperlocal News Stories’ in 2019.

Hyperlocal short news.

Hyperlocal News is the new favourite in India. In the era of digital journalism, Way2News, based in Hyderabad has become India’s most addictive short news application disseminating news in your own language. You name your region, we’ve got you covered. That’s where we are, and that’s where we are heading to. In this year, Way2News, … Read more

Way2News: A Podium For Citizen Journalism.

Journalism these days is constantly struggling with the confidence of the audience, the distrust owing multiple media houses being rooted out as playhouses for various clientele varying from politicians to multinational corporations. However, to retain a positive reputation, change is required, and it also a demand of the media consumers. Mostly, these changes are imposed … Read more

Way2News helps 2000 youth find jobs while India recorded its highest unemployment rate.

Finding a job

In the month of October, this year, India recorded its highest unemployment rate, compared to the last three years. The unemployment rate jumped to 8.5 percent, the data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) revealed. This was the highest since August 2016. During this phase, Way2News, a Hyperlocal Short News App despite this news … Read more

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