Why is it high time for advertisers to engage with a native-speaking audience?

Native advertising generates 3x more leads, and 9x better engagement at efficient investments said by brands. This shift is a win-win for both consumers and marketers.

Native advertising is designed for brands who are determined to explore newer markets, and are always adaptable with their advertising strategies. Every brand can’t penetrate into such markets except those who are willing to adopt a linguistic transformation that will click with the audiences. 

I am all for it. In these days, native marketing is the only way to survive- John Howard.

Today’s native advertising’s success is the outcome of the enormous internet access in rural India, and unlocking the potential of undiscovered markets.

It all started from the internet penetration in remotest parts of India, where the lingua franca English doesn’t seem to have its charm. Rural residents speak, write and read in their own language, and surprisingly these linguistic nuances vary every 100 kms. Such an ultra-demanding market requires an industry of its own, thus, native advertising was hailed. 

Any business, which has a potential to expand and widen their reachability knows the value of tapping into newer markets. Native advertising is the open gate that navigates businesses’ way straight into the new and potential markets, which can possibly be a holy grail for any business.

To prove the whole scenario, these success metrics will quite paint a picture for you.

The Metrics and Figures

Native advertising is the ultimate build-up for any business, as it masters linguistic perfection. A resource by shopify depicts 75% of the users want to buy products in their native language, as these ads are fantastically thorough about what local audiences want and delivers the same. Further, India’s regional language base is estimated to grow at a 18% CAGR, serving equal growth to the native advertising space.

Another survey from CSA research reveals 75% online consumers prefer to buy in their native language. 

Native news industry is also booming, as one-third of the digital news consumers are native language consumers. Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil covers 80% of the users, Hindi wins with the highest share of retentive advertisers i.e. 50%, then comes Tamil, Marathi and Bengali.

With an anticipated CAGR of 41% the native advertising space is yet to grow bigger, by crafting content in the rest of the 20+ languages. 

These metrics and research are proof enough that native advertising is winning, but how do you grasp it as a brand is the question. 

But Where To Start From?

Native language means more languages, and more languages will lead to more management, effort, and budget. In the beginning, you can take it slow, by acquiring little resources. Only after you see traction, you scale it. 

Starting with a small understanding of the linguistic nuance, you can translate and distribute the content material. This is how you will start building an audience that will interact with your business, that has a big potential of becoming your customers.

Gradually, the feedback and user interaction will make you understand how to craft better.

But native advertising is not only about crafting content, also pushing it towards the right people. 

How Do You Make It All Work?

Well, the answer is really simple. By switching to a vernacular news platform with a massive audience base locally. 

Hence, Way2News single-handedly opens the gate 10mn+ local audience in the form of our user-base. We ensure that your ad is effectively viewed by the audience through our 29 mins of average daily spent time. We ease up ad management structure, as everything falls under one platform. To top it, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make native advertising work for you.

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