We searched ‘South India Core’ on Pinterest…

… and casually scrolled through the platform half-expecting the usual stereotypes to rear the heads. But what we found was a delightful stroll through pins and boards that not only defied expectations but also liquefied South Indian stereotypes with a generous dose of aesthetics.   (The ‘ #_core’ signals a trending theme, with examples like #clowncore … Read more

Are You Building a Brand or Just Generating Leads?

building a brand

Throughout the corridors of boardrooms and strategy meetings, it’s a common sight that the incessant chatter revolves around lead generation, conversion rates, and the relentless pursuit of immediate Return on Investment (ROI). It is a belief etched in the minds of marketers and decision-makers, a myth that reverberates with each click of a mouse and … Read more

POV: When you buy gold, you are not ‘spending’ money

Marriage, or childbirth, Dhanteras or Akshya Tritiya—no matter the occasion—we dare not celebrate it without gold, the go-to investment. From brides donning gleaming jewels on their special day to families passing down cherished heirlooms, Indians have an unbreakable bond with gold. Each piece carries precious memories and a sense of belonging. Wear it, gift it, … Read more

Marketing in South India: 6 Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

Sitting in your cozy office, sipping on your Frappuccino, and pondering whether to dip your marketing toes into South India, a tiny voice in your head screams,  “Don’t go South; it’s like marketing in the Twilight Zone.” There’s that fleeting moment of fear or perhaps just a twinge of disappointment, and then you snap back … Read more

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