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The novel coronavirus is nothing anyone has come across earlier. Even those who have not been infected by the virus are staying home. It’s no wonder that several people across the world are struggling with mental health with the lockdown in place. Many people are self-isolating, and such an outbreak is affecting the lives of many of us – triggering stress, depression and anxiety. 

Way2News, brings you a few pointers that could help you in managing stress and get through your daily routine with much ease. 

Stay Connected With People

Remember, you are not alone in the fight against the global pandemic. Millions of people are under self-isolation, so it is important for you to connect and check with your friends, family and loved ones. The few minutes you spend interacting with each other is more important than ever – it can help ease the stress. 

Plan Your Day

Planning your day is important to help you fight against the lockdown stress. It includes planning activities such as rest breaks, exercise and your time to socialize. Remember, everyday presents a new challenge. The new home-routine will help you build yourself to do your daily things at set times and will make you feel a little more in control of the situation. 

Maintain a positive attitude

It might be a difficult task but is it essential to maintain a positive attitude and mindset throughout the day. Take time to enjoy the little things of life. Watch videos that motivate, read books that can inspire and help relax your mind. This is truly a complex period but take heart and keep moving ahead. 

Mute Social Media 

Yes, you heard it right. Try to avoid or mute all your social media networks till the lockdown is lifted. People are asked to avoid consumption of any news that creates panic or anxiety during the ongoing pandemic. It is always better to stay away from social media platforms that are unable to tackle the spread of fake news or misinformation on their platforms. 

Get Facts

The ongoing situation with Coronavirus is changing everyday and naturally everyone wants to stay on top of the latest news developments and information. However, in case of hearing misinformation over and over again, you could develop stress, and increase your anxiety. Follow official reports from the governments, trusted media agencies and follow for official information.  Get maximum facts and limit rumours.

Talk About Your Worries

Remember, it is very important that you let out your feelings. This is a difficult phase for everyone. If you are staying alone or missing your family or friends or battling with stress and depressing during this time, talk about it. As said, talk to a friend or family member. Share how you are feeling and the things you are going through. In case you need help, seek support.

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