What You Should Do During Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Are you stuck indoors and worried about what the future holds for you? Concerned about your family and friends? Is the lockdown creating panic? Is the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic getting stressful. Firstly – Do not worry. During such a pandemic, it is easy to succumb to fear but according to experts there is still room for a bit of optimism. 

Things you should do during the lockdown:

Be Active

Keeping yourself active is the one of the best things you can ever do for your health. Make time to exercise. Exercise will not make your stress disappear but will help reduce it. It will improve your physical health and will prevent brain and memory decline. It will clear your thoughts and let you deal with your daily challenges more effectively and calmly. 

Focus On Your Goals

Take time to focus on your goals. It is a law of life that you visualize your goals in order to achieve something. You have a chunk of time. Plan your life and see what you want to achieve in the next six months.

Try Not To Be Negative

Enjoy every moment of your life. Do not take things for granted. Keep negative thoughts or feelings at bay. During this phase, it is time to motivate yourself and the people around you. The next six months will be crucial after the lockdown is lifted. Better train yourself to keep negativity at bay and spread positivity.

Share An Uplifting Story

While fake news is on the rise during the pandemic, it is your responsibility to counter negativity, misinformation, worry and fear on social media by sharing an uplifting story. Take time to find people who are risking their lives fighting the pandemic. Talk about people who are making a positive difference in the world. Use your social media accounts to share something that is filled with positivity and purpose, inspiring your community.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Don’t rely on smoking, caffeine or alcohol as ways of coping up with stress or depression during the lockdown. According to health experts, these habits will never solve your problems in the long run. They will only create new ones. You need to understand the cause of your stress and learn to tackle it.

Help People

People who help others become more resilient. Remember, the world is going through one of the most crucial periods. Several people, especially the homeless, poor and migrant workers need your help. Do whatever you can to help. The more you give, the happier you will feel. Practice this for the next six months. Keep a track on your spending habits and contribute towards the necessities of the people, who are facing a greater challenge.

Seek Help

If you are staying alone or missing your family or friends or battling with stress and depressing during this time, talk about it. As said, talk to a friend or family member. Share how you are feeling and the things you are going through. In case you need help, seek support.

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