How Way2News Transformed India’s News Reading Experience.

It all started on August 4, 2015 with just 13 people on board. Since then there has been no looking back. Way2News, a short news app based in Hyderabad, in just four years of its journey, is now known to be India’s No.1 Hyperlocal News App. Today, we are a team of close to 200, including 120 plus editors. We provide news in eight languages. 

It is hard to believe that we have come this far. We did want to make a lasting impact. Just as we dreamt, we have become successful in transforming how India is reading news. People from the urban and outback of India are now relying on Way2News for consuming news. 

Our strong editorial team and the use of Artificial Intelligence for understanding the reading habits of our users, made our application stand out from the rest of the others. We would be lying if we said it was all sunshine and roses. We did face tough times but grew to be India’s most loved and addicted news app. 

“If you do what you always did you will get what you always got.” 

This is the underlying core behind the success of Way2News. We never aimed to do something that we already did or accomplished. Our motto is to upgrade ourselves and provide news in the best possible ways. We have been hungry and passionate about providing news in short. The world has become busier like never before. People hardly get time to read a newspaper or complete a full news story. We had cracked the code and began the journey of providing short, summarised and personalised news articles for our users. 

Following the launch, Way2News recorded a decent 70,000 Daily Active users but today we boast to have 1.5 million users active on our platform, each day. On an average, a user consumes more than 100 screens on the app, accounting to 4.5 billion screen views in a month. Organically, the company adds 20,000 news users everyday on its platform. This is yet another remarkable feat in the Indian news market.  

Way2News did transform the reading experience of India, in cities and villages. In the areas that have been ignored, lacked media attention, are in need of help and without proper media houses, Way2News initiated itself to reach out these neglected areas. This makes Way2News the most trusted news app in the hyperlocal arena. People are now consuming news from the app instead of following newspapers, television channels or websites.

India, gone are the days waiting for a news daily. Get them as the rest of India, only on Way2News. Follow our blog for all the latest developments happening in the company.

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