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Are you spending way too much time scrolling/flipping through your smartphone? Not knowing what to read, watch or be productive? In case you are searching for news, jobs or want to live a healthy lifestyle or learn how to be productive in your life, there’s an app for that. These days, looking for news that best suits your interest is quite a task. But do you know where Indians get their news from? Is it social media or is there any other news app or platform for consuming news of your choice? Read further. 

Indians, largely rely on social media for their news updates but slowly their choice of reading or consuming news is changing. People, who have been using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc are expressing high concern over ‘fake news; and various forms of disinformation. Like me, Indians are concerned about their social media news consumption habits. What trends on social media, is not necessarily factual. The algorithms used by several social media sites pick stories that trend and bombard it to their users. I somehow felt, I was not getting the right kind of information. Similar is the case with most of them. 

While India was witnessing a challenge in tackling fake news, Hyderabad-based Way2News, not falling into the pressure, introduced itself to the country as the most trusted news platform. The short news app, took the world, especially the millennial world by storm by providing news in short and summarized format. Every story is curated, verified and reported just as it is, without taking sides – not supporting an individual, government or political party. Plus, the short news app also earned the title – ‘People’s App.’ The app is trusted by millions of Indians, across the country. Our approach towards hyperlocal India, made us potential contributors to local democracy.

Currently, Way2News is taking over the short video platform, to cater to the young demography. Apart from your daily news updates, you can now enjoy unlimited in-house video content, special videos for certain age-groups and much more in your own language, from the categories you love. 

Stay tuned to Way2News for more updates. 

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