Hyperlocal news is the future.

You walk through the rural areas of India, you’ll know the challenges people face on a daily basis. We’ve hardly known any of them. The power of media is always being questioned as it can influence the key policy makers. Media can play a major role in highlighting these issues but unfortunately the mainstream players really don’t deal with them. Considering these ongoing issues, Way2News, India’s No.1 Hyper-local Short News App is taking all possible measures to make a significant contribution towards the welfare of these hyperlocal areas. 

Are we making a contribution to uplift the poor in the rural regions? Are we providing exclusive coverage to those issues related to poverty, health, education, agriculture, corruption, child development, education or issues related to women and the aged? Exactly, a year ago, to make such a significant contribution, Way2News explored Hyperlocal India to provide hyper-fast content in a pitch to cover issues or problems that hardly get any space in mainstream media or local newspapers. 

On the whole, in a year’s time, we’ve been able to cover as many as 475 districts and over 1.1 lakh districts. During this journey, the stories of negligence by key policy makers and other media agencies surprised us. The challenges of hyper local communities drew us closer to the grass root level. The response from our loyal users, the virality of the published stories, has helped several individuals and communities. While, the rest of other news aggregators and new organisations failed in the hyperlocal news industry, Way2News is setting great examples with the passing days. The engagement we register everyday is massive compared to other media players. What was considered to be a failing platform over the last few decades, is now the future for Indian news industry.

We are grateful to everyone for their unwavering support over the years. We encourage you to show us your unconditional love in the future.

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