Way2News published 1 million ‘Hyperlocal News Stories’ in 2019.

Hyperlocal News is the new favourite in India. In the era of digital journalism, Way2News, based in Hyderabad has become India’s most addictive short news application disseminating news in your own language. You name your region, we’ve got you covered. That’s where we are, and that’s where we are heading to. In this year, Way2News, India’s No.1 Short News Hyperlocal App created history, publishing more than one million stories in the hyperlocal segment. Starting from a few thousand users, touching two million daily active users and having a family of 20 million plus, Way2News has set a clear example of how India is consuming hyperlocal news. 

The short news app, in January 2019, launched itself into the Hyperlocal News Market to reach the untapped regions and audiences, giving voice to the voiceless. Let us take a look at some of the major strides. 

Our unique content stands out from the mainstream media organisations. While media firms on the whole publish only 4000 stories from the hyperlocal arena, we expanded our boundaries to the ignored set of communities. During these 12 months, Way2News has published 1 Million plus news stories, covering more than 1,06,273 villages, including 2900 mandals/taluks and 475 districts.

How did we achieve this milestone? Citizen Journalism has been our driving force. So far, 376352 people signed up as reporters across all eight Indian languages, helping us publish one million plus news stories, this year. In the district level, we could publish 403378 stories, 431433 in the mandal level and 106273 in the village level. Apart from news stories, Way2News received 104288 videos from our community correspondents. Of these, 62761 were published after through check. We are also happy to share that we have 31,170 active hyperlocal community correspondents in our nation-wide network. 70541 have at least contributed at least one story each. 

Since then, the company has never witnessed a setback in the Hyperlocal News Segment. It has recorded the highest engagement with every passing month. The clear-cut vision of the company bore fruit as people irrespective of their geographical locations shew interest to know what’s happening in other parts of India. What the mainstream media failed to cover since decades, Way2News did it in just a year’s time. It stood strong as the fourth estate, raising voice for the people via its news application.

In 2019, we’ve also set a major milestone in the media industry. And we would like to celebrate it in style. From January to December, this year we have ‘Successfully Published’ more than  10,00,000 (1 Million) short news stories in the Hyperlocal Segment. We are currently serving in 10,000 pin codes of India and are looking to reach 100 percent of them in 2020. 

While 90 percent of media outlets are controlled by the corporate or government leaders, and the journalists’ pens are cut off from reporting factual news, this Hyperlocal short news app has become the most trusted news platform among the vernacular audience. Majority of the issues neglected by the officials in the hyperlocal communities were covered on the news app. These issues were immediately addressed by government authorities and made a lasting impact among the people and the region. ‘We’ve got thousands of ‘Way2News – Impact’ stories to showcase.

This apart, we threw open our platform to celebrate the success of our hyperlocal communities. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to reaching out to our hyperlocal families across India. Be it moments of ecstasy, or reports of adversity, our platform is open to bring to light every development taking place in respective communities. 

Our message to the rest of India is tapping into hyperlocal journalism. This is the only way to understand the very heart of India, the people, their every day challenges, their developments, and the stories of individuals in their communities. We’ve tasted success in this segment even after several big news agencies failed miserably, world-wide. Our new hyperlocal model has worked a million times better than expected. Our numbers are a testimony of what we have achieved so far. Take a look at them.

Our numbers have become larger every month, starting from 2019 January the moment when we kickstarted the Era of Hyperlocal Journalism. We’ve never recorded a downfall in the hyperlocal segment. Not even on a single day. The numbers touched the skies in all languages and our Daily Active Users grew valuable. 

Currently, we receive 1,288,113 Daily Active Users on our Hyperlocal news category recording 156,532,814 screen views per day. More than 39,24,864 stories have been shared so far.

Way2News has a strong set of editorial editors working round the clock, providing news to millions of active users across eight languages. The use of Artificial Intelligence technologies also worked wonders in personalising news content based on a users interests. A user first gets to read or watch she/he is interested in and the rest comes later. The share percentage of stories shot up since the alpha of Hyperlocal news dissemination.

On the whole, our journey in the Hyperlocal News Segment is going great guns. Our numbers are a testimony of the massive strides we’ve made in 2019. India is shifting to Short News consumption. The people of India are preferring to read news in their own language. The shift towards a hyperlocal news app speaks volumes in connection with the negligence of mainstream media organisations in these communities. 

Are you a part of our family? We are making history in the media industry. Come join us in making a difference. Install Way2News and starting flipping short news. Read News That You Love The Most In Your Language. 

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